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Book oh my dear book,

What should I have to say about my book?

It contains my emotions that I can express.

I never said that I miss any book to read or if I can say I read all those book published by Writers.

Books has many types like, Inspirational, Fictional, Non-Fictional, Romantic, Horror, Thriller.

Everything is depend on the time or on a person that how and what He/she wants to read??

Book are the best friend of a person, it always helps a person to identify the values of the life.

It also helps a person to know what can a person do?? How it improve a person's life??

Many things can be compete by a book and a book is a best friend of a person. 

It makes a person to spend their time, and a person also can express what he feels by the time.

Never understands what a books wants to convey and never misunderstand the values of a book.

Book makes life more beautiful and a person can know the facts of a person's reality by it's nature.

Nowadays, many people write their emotions in a diary and make it their book, because writing in a diary it also convicted as a book.

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