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Shweta Prakash Kukreja

Drama Tragedy Others

Betrayal is not a Mistake

Betrayal is not a Mistake

3 mins

The room was loaded up with the acrid smell of medicines. She went into the room expressionless… . and sat close to grandpa. Tears gushed in his eyes as he broadened his hand towards her. He didn't murmured a word and took his final breath.

 She got up and strolled towards the gate. Resentful and perplexed I pursued her.  

"He was heartbroken… he apologised… he was suffering since many years. . . please forgive him or probably his spirit won't rest at peace. "I begged with teary eyes.  

"My dear I have pardoned him long back… my love lost against his betrayal" she smiled

"You both were in love…were about to get married... at that point how could a single mistake break such a deep association?" I asked her.  

"Indeed we were in love… frantically enamored. You know our lovestory was the subject of tittle tattle around the entire campus. We spent unlimited nights dreaming together under twilight sky. There was no space for boundaries and limits in our relationship… really we were one soul in two bodies. He did his masters in nephrology and I was in Chennai pursuing mine in dermatology. I remember when my mother had a serious stomach ache because of stone in kidney. He took care of ma and operated her very well without complications.

After two years it was a day prior to our wedding when ma endured an extreme pain in abdomen. She was taken for ultrasound and the reports stunned me. My eyes couldn't believe what that report displayed. I went to him and showed him the ultrasound.

"I can clarify you Neetu… just listen… it was for you and me. . And see it didn't hurt your mom either…. . trust me I did it for our future. "he continued clarifying. In any case, I was hurt and deeply injured … and I left. "she took a deep breath.  

"What he did ?" I was curious.

"He operated one of my mom's kidney and transplanted to a politician’s son for which he was given fifty lakhs. I realized my mom was fine. . . And this would not have influenced her much. Also it saved someone who was in need. Yet, doing this without consulting … broke me . I know those assets were for his dream hospital that was for both of us. . . . . but still this was a major blow on the trust and faith I had in him. "she abstained from taking a gander at me. I comprehended her feelings.  

"It was a serious mistake… however don’t you think you were very harsh on him?”I posed the question that continued pestering me since the time grandpa told me regarding her.  

“Betrayal is never a mistake…. . It is always a choice. It ruins everything shattering the most cherished bond of love. ” She said and walked towards her car.

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