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Shubhangi Kotwal

Children Stories Drama


Shubhangi Kotwal

Children Stories Drama

Best Friends

Best Friends

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A sea shore and beautiful blue colour seawater is seen up to where your vision goes. A nice cosy morning ..Ryan was with his pet dog, Tommy. It was his routine on every Saturday and Sunday morning. He used to train Tommy, play football with him. Ryan was studying in 9th class and he hardly had any friends of his age, that too nobody was staying nearby.

He saw one boy looking similar to his age on beach, he was with his grandmother.. Ryan thought he should go and ask he greeted him with a shake hand 'good morning', I am Ryan and that boy also greeted him with 'good morning' and said, hi I am Noah and looking at the old lady with him, he said 'she is my grandmother'. I am now going to stay with her and I am in 9th standard. He also told his school name. So Ryan got happy because he had got a new friend who was of his age and going to study at his school and in the same class.

Noah said his parents and younger brother are staying in another country as his father had a business there. Though he was African English but his grandmother was British. And Ryan was also catholic and a Britisher. But he had no problem with Noah being black. They both decided that they will regularly meet on the seashore on Saturday and Sunday and on other days they will go to school and come back together.

Noah invited Ryan saying, come to our house with us, it is just here. We can chat for some time and do breakfast as my grandmother has prepared breakfast and believe me she makes tasty food. Ryan could not say no to him. They went to his house had breakfast, which was really very tasty.

And Ryan said now I must go home as Tommy is also with me and my parents and my sister must be waiting for me at home. They promised to meet the next day morning.

After going home Ryan told everyone about his new friend. His mother was not very happy, she said they are black, and not of our status and bla bla... ..but then Ryan told about Noah's grandmother and how loving they are, and also well mannered and the breakfast he had at their home was exactly the same as ours....and so Ryan's mother got convinced. 

Now Tommy was a mediator between Ryan and Noah. Ryan sent some portion of his special sweet dish made by his mom, for Noah through Tommy by tying the box to Tommy's neck belt and as a token of receipt Noah sent pebble to Ryan.

Same way when they wanted each other's notes for homework they used to send through Tommy and return the same way.

And as a token of receipt, they used to exchange pebbles. This practice was followed until they completed their board exams and also finished their college and became Doctors. Both were good at studies.

And also the practice of their meeting at seashore on every Saturday and Sunday became their routine. Ryan and Tommy and Noah and his grandmother and in addition to that Ryan's younger sister also used to join them regularly and also Ryan's parents also used to join sometimes. And Noah's parents and younger brother used to visit twice in a year for a few days. They also got introduced to Ryan and his family. And both the families became good family friends... 

At school and college till they finished their studies, were very famous and popular amongst friends. And the friendship of both Ryan and Noah was very unique and they were known as "Best friends" in their friend circle.

Ryan's sister Grace, started liking Noah. As he was studious and also now a successful doctor and best friend of her elder brother. Noah and Grace started dating each other.

Initially, only Ryan knew about it, and he had no objection to it but was hesitant about his mother if she will approve this or not??? but he and his sister were sure that they will convince their mother.

Ryan and Noah started working as doctors in a famous hospital in their town. Grace was doing her engineering. 

Also, Ryan was dating a girl who was with him in school since 5th standard but they realised their friendship and special bond and started dating each other after Ryan became a doctor. 

Now Ryan and Noah decided to start their own hospital after working as a doctor for a few years. And everything was decided, got their parent's approval and financial help and within a year's time their own hospital was ready and they name the hospital as "Best Friends forever". 

Also 'Ryan and Sophie (Ryan's school friend and now a girl friend)' and 'Noah and Grace' will talk to their parents about their intentions to get married and so that on the inauguration day of hospital they also can announce their engagement....that is "friends forever" relationship.

As decided they put this up to their parents and they got the permission. Both 'Ryan and Noah's' parents were very happy for their children. So both the couples got engaged on the inauguration day of 'Dr. Ryan and Dr. Noah's hospital. Many friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors were invited to attend the function. All were very happy and blessed Dr. Ryan and Dr. Noah and also congratulated Sophie and Grace alongwith them.

Eventually 'Dr. Ryan and Sophie' and 'Dr. Noah and Grace ' got married and lived happily. Also the hospital became very famous in their town as Dr. Ryan and Dr. Noah wére successful doctors and at the same time they were very good human beings too. And their hospital "Best Friends forever" and also their families flourished..

And people in their town always praised them as "Best friends".

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