An Unusual Trip

An Unusual Trip

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Me, my sister Yamini, my cousin Rajat and my batch mate Ruchi planned to attend a competition which was going to be in a nearby village of our town, Udaipur. That village was famous because of its green and magical forest. Well, “Magical” sounds so immature here but soon you will know the reason why I have used this word. We four people wanted to go there together, just us, no one else. As usual, my parents reprimanded us for this small request and suggested us to take our driver “Shera” with us there .We were going there by train and they were sceptical about our plan because they knew it was the first time we kids are going somewhere together without having any grownup person with us. Anyways Yamini convinced our parents and we left early morning by train for that village to participate in that contest. That competition was not much attractive for any teenager as it was singing competition and ,as far as  I  knew  ,none of us were enthusiastic about singing. The plan was to go to that magical forest and to unveil strange things we heard about that place, specifically the bungalow which was in the middle of the forest . These were just what we heard.

Anyways, in 4 hours we reached there.” There is actually a competition, Funny”, said my sister Yamini. We all looked at the venue of competition which was a small ground, we scoffed and moved towards forest. All were having our small backpacks as we were allowed to stay there for two days only. It was really amazing to see those extraordinary giant trees nobody ever seen before, Small huts and no sign of any animal or bird in that beautiful green large area. It was quite doubtful but yeah that’s all we wanted to see. Our feet were making crisp sound on dry surface of forest full of dry leaves. Gradually we started getting scared of loneliness of that quiet forest. All were scared from inside so we stopped talking with each other and continued moving ahead. No sound, No animals, No Birds, Not even clear sunlight because of giant trees. Suddenly Ruchi said, “what if we take a U turn as nothing is here and its more scary than adventurous. Me and Yamini approved her offer so fast as we were waiting somebody to say something like this. “just walk few more steps, I heard there a pond here which has sparkly fishes and people live nearby that pond Its like small village itself there, we can go there and get information if its not so far. I totally don’t want to miss that village, I heard few people can do actual magic there that’s why they don’t disclose the existence of that place” said Rajat. We all had two choices to walk few steps and go to the village which was almost our goal of coming here in this village or we can just go back because its too scary here.

Obviously we chose first option and pretended we are not scared of anything. After few steps there was no any pond but we saw the bungalow we heard about. We all ran towards it to explore that place. There was small fencing around perfectly placed and maintained so it was clear somebody is living inside. We were correct, when we saw a middle aged lady came out and asked in clear voice “hello kids, what can I do for you all”. Her hair were white and of her shoulders height, Her face was bright and she looked so happy with nice smile on her face, she was wearing dress which was ankle length long and was clean, she was so polite and we felt really nice when we saw her as we were so much scared for quite long time.

“Can we come inside your house, we are tired” I asked. “Yes sure, you can come and sit I am going to village to shop some grocery, will be back soon” she said. Well, that’s not we wanted but alright not very big problem as our phones were not catching signals there and we were hungry so that’s not a bad offer. We came inside and started moving inside the house after she left. It was so weird that she didn’t even know us and left her house on us for few hours. I was tired of noticing weirdness of that place right from I started my journey of this forest so we all neglected that. No food was there, not even furniture. Empty house, Looked like she just moved in this house. But where is her packed luggage? May be it will take time as its far from village. These all thoughts were battling inside my mind. I was eldest so I started thinking about my siblings and friend now. I was afraid too much don’t know why but I just wanted to go back home.

I called everybody in hall. Everybody came except Rajat. He was on first floor of that building according to Yamini. We all went there. It was empty floor, not a new thing. The question was what attracted him so much and where is he. I called his name loudly “Rajat, come fast its already 9:00 PM and I want to go back to village asap”. Nobody replied.  He was prank lover so he must be playing prank again, I thought. So I shouted this time “come fast we are leaving right now”. Nobody answered. “Its 9:30” Ruchi said. We got scared as Rajat was youngest and he is not so brave to play hide and seek in this weird house. We decided to stick with each other and find him. Suddenly I heard something, Sound of front door of house. I looked from window, It was Rajat, Running away with scary face and the point was he was running so fast that he didn’t even look back and called us. We all started shouting after what we saw. Its 10:00 now, sharp 10:00 PM. We three ran back to ground floor panicking and shouting. Suddenly we saw the owner coming, that woman. We all ran towards her and asked her to help us finding our cousin. I noticed her that time. She was having no grocery with her, in fact nothing was there in her hands. She said your brother is in house only. We all became scared of this unusual statement. Yamini and Ruchi ran away with the excuse that they are going behind Rajat. I was left there, standing right in front of that weird and “always happy” lady.

I was so scared that I felt my hands and legs lost senses and I was just moving around the bungalow I mean in garden and behind the bungalow to find him as I was helpless, nobody was there and she was standing with that annoying smile on her face. I noticed all fence of house slowly moving upward. I was getting trapped in short, I looked back and found no one where the lady was standing. I turned back, now she was standing in front of me. It was not her, this lady is witch, she is a witch, and she was pale and wearing weird dirty clothes. She was looking scary so I screamed for help and ran out of the garden jumping over the fence as it was not so high by that time. It was looking like this place becomes haunted after 10:00PM. “Oh that’s why no animals and birds we found there, Oh god where are my siblings, where is my friend, is she chasing me, Will she kill me here, did she killed them too” there words were ringing in my ears while I was running, panicking and screaming for help. I found Yamini and Ruchi on way. We came out of forest in no time. It was so relieving when we saw people there. But where is Rajat, he ran out of house in front of my eyes. We called our parents and told them everything. They were on way to village and it was going to take 4 hours for them to reach. Till that time we could not leave Rajat alone probably with that witch. I asked one lady who was closing the door of her small house “can you help us, we lost our brother in that forest, we were in a bungalow with the owner who is a lady and my brother ran out without telling us, when I asked this to lady she smiled and said he is inside the house only, I totally think something is wrong with that lady, please help us”. Villager lady started laughing and said “ you are fools, Nobody gets inside the forest without asking us and when they ask they don’t go there because a witch lives there and that witch eats one soul everyday 10:00PM. That’s the reason no birds and animals are there in forest and trees are abnormally giant as she created this forest for her to hide. Your brother is dead by now probably as its 10:30PM or if he is alive he is trapped there. He ran away because he must have seen the room where she kills people and animals. Its very disturbing for a kid like him and I heard witch usually come to know when somebody enters in that room.”

After listening that we all grabbed that lady with us as at that time we were not able to trust anybody but each other. We forced her to come with us in forest and managed to take her with us anyhow. We reached there in no time and saw our brother is standing at the first floor window behind the glass. Looking at us very patiently as he has no energy to shout or he is not bothering to shout and what’s that! He just turned around and walked into darkness. My sister started crying. I told Ruchi to stay with her outside and I decided to move into with that lady. The lady was pale as she was scared but she came with me. As soon as I stepped into the house, time changed as I saw it was day time now, same time when we reached there. I saw my brother, my sister, ruchi everyone. They all were roaming around and I seemed that they have no idea what happened. I called everybody to gather as I did before, nobody replied this time. I ran out of the house as fast as I could and noticed as soon as I came out I saw Yamini crying with Ruchi standing beside her. “Where is the villager lady” I asked. Nobody had a clue. I was full of anger now. “This witch will not kill my brother tonight, only person who will die will be her only” I shouted. And entered inside that damn house with my Sister and Ruchi. I found Rajat hypnotised to sit patiently at one place in the room full of different kind of blades and smelly blood. I was scared again and we took him with us and was leaving the house fast, suddenly a sound came “you gave me this villager they will never forgive you” said the witch. I heard one more sound like few people are coming towards us. They are my parents with villagers. “Leave her or die” I shouted at her and we ran towards those people. While running I noticed nobody is there behind me I am running alone. I stopped in front of my parents and started crying helplessly. We all gathered in front of the fence of the building and started shouting on witch to leave our kids. It was all meaningless I knew. So I told everybody to go inside and we all moved inside the house. I found everybody there in the same room. They all were tied with rope and they all were hypnotised. I was shocked “How come I couldn’t noticed when they were taken, they were running with me” I thought. We all came out with that villager lady too. Nobody was left inside that house this time. “How come it can be so easy to take this witch’s hostages” I was listening that same crisp of my feet and was walking out of the forest with all those people including my siblings, my friends and my parents. I was happy but very doubtful about the ease of this process. It was 12:00PM now. I was looking on surface while walking and thinking all which happened in during last 3-4 hours. Anyhow I managed to turn my head back to look if she is chasing us again. It was dark behind me so I turned to walk again with all. What’s that, its morning time now, we are walking inside the forest, we 4, just like this morning we did and met with lady in way, this time she was smiling nicely. I looked at her, I smiled back and told everybody patiently “turn back no matter what, there is nothing for us in this forest” this time nobody questioned and we turned to attend that competition. It was like she wanted not to kill us instead to leave. Was that pity or anything else?

This time I turned back to see her and she was smiling standing there, in that lonely beautiful green forest. Its only time which changes everything if you know how to play with it correctly, I realised it. She was standing there until we left forest. It was clear that she didnt eat people ever, she ate animals, all of them, she just didn’t want us to know that, that’s why was playing with our minds and probably with time. And after this incident nobody saw her. She relocated perhaps, who knows.

After few days of coming back home safely, we boarded train to go to our relative’s house to another city. Nobody was talking with each other. Everybody was thinking something and were so quiet. Suddenly on way we all saw same trees with weird lonely forest far from our railway tracks and it was nearby our town as we almost reached home. Some people were talking its new forest suddenly came from nowhere, few were saying its agricultural researcher’s research area that’s why different plants are there. And we all were looking at each other and smiling.

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