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Adventure, Trekking!!!!

Adventure, Trekking!!!!

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Adventure, Trekking!!

These are the two words that excite me. I always look to try these things out. It was the time of my birthday that my best friend and I decided to go out for trekking and for some unfortunate reasons we could not go. I had to take leave for my family issue. My Best friend was longing for this adventure more than I was. She looked for groups which she can join. She decided for one and started planning for it.

My best friend, she is the one who wants to sleep for 9 hours a day, a good meal and so lazy to do anything. She thought of going for the trekking. She would not even walk a few miles, and she was ready for hiking and mountain climbing.

Well, she paid the money to the group. For me adventure was just going to the place, exploring and climbing mountains.

For real it's not only the trekking part that makes it memorable. It includes the preparation time too. I would have missed knowing all of it if she was not there.

So, here is how she prepared. I am so proud of her and I am so inspired by her this plan of trekking.

She had booked it 15 days before. She started thinking and processing what all she has to do. When she was processing it was like she was planning for a world war. What would I wear there, what will I take with me?

One week off she took me to Decathlon for getting trekking shoes, sweater, bag, and what not. The second week off to buy the T-shirts and camera battery, power bank, torch-light. We roamed a lot to get those things. Also to get a medical certificate, medicines. Oh my Lord, this time I was so tired but she was so active during the shopping.

She started going for morning walks as she had to build the stamina for the trek. She did it sincerely and punctually which I thought she would not. She was very much into this.

She made sure that nothing wrong happens there and she can have a perfect trek. Shopping with her was kinda painful as she sometimes doesn't want to get down from the bike and wander around to search for things, but we did it finally.

We even fought during the shopping that she told me - she doesn't need my help anymore but ultimately I knew she would turn up to me, and I really wanted to help her as she was so excited for it. So, helped her pack the bags and helped with the shopping.

I couldn't come with you for early morning walks as shopping was way too much for me, I am sorry.

She checked all her list and finally after shopping for the third week off she flew off for it.

After going she kept sharing the pictures and sharing her experience.

I am posting few of them here, we used to have video calls where she showed me those places.

I really wish I could have been a part of this. But, I am happy that one of us did it. There are many of such trekkings to plan out in the near future, we will surely go for it.

Yes, apart from all this. I am really proud of what you do. You really listen to what your heart wants. You don't fucking care of anything and I know what you decide once, you will nail it. I am so proud of you. Waiting eagerly for you to come back with lots of memories and pictures to share.

Have a good time, keep rocking, Rock star.

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