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Aradhana Sharma



Aradhana Sharma


A Passion

A Passion

8 mins

Kaira had always dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood. Teacher…a teacher who will always be available, who will be kind, compassionate, transparent, real and thoughtful, a teacher who will bring difference in children’s lives.

As Kaira grew older and stronger, her dreams were replaced by a passionate desire.

She has always been a bright student throughout her schooling. She belonged to a rich and educated family. She was always full of energy and positivity.

When the time came for choosing a subject to plan career, Kaira was given full freedom by her parents to choose whatever she likes.

She liked Mathematics, so she chose that as the main subject. She didn’t want to be an Engineer, unlike others; she wanted to be a teacher, a teacher, who will be remembered for years and years.

She knew that she had that tremendous potential to change the lives of students towards positive direction with meaningful goals.

A number of her friends were preparing for entrance tests to engineering; she also went with flow and prepared for the same. As expected, she was selected in Engineering.

Kaira showed her potential in college too. While other students were preparing for job interviews, she had a different plan. She applied for B.Ed. This was the place where she could foresee her future as a teacher.

Immediately after declaration of her B.Ed. results, she applied in some nearby schools. Though no one in her family wanted her to do job as a teacher after being qualified as an Engineer, yet they didn’t discourage her.

While reading Newspaper, she got to know about the vacancy in a school which was near her home.

It was an important day for her and she was very confident. The recruitment panel consisted of Chairman, Principal, Vice Principal and Senior Mathematics Teacher.

Her interview went well; all the members seemed to be happy and satisfied.

“Ms Kaira, you will get a call for the result. Thank You”, said the Principal, calling the next candidate.

There was a huge sense of relief once the job interview was over.

“It was good. They were happy with me, they liked my confidence. I know, I will get this job. Though the school is small, but it’s fine for me, as it’s near to my place, moreover, it’s my first job, so it’s OK. I will prove to be the best teacher of the school. I will always put my children first above all other things, their emotions, their concerns will be my priority, I will teach them the values of life along with Mathematics” , she muttered incomprehensibly.

Then for a couple of days, she waited for the call, which never came. She decided to visit the school to know the result.

“Hello, I am Kaira, want to inquire about the result of my interview for the post of Mathematics teacher”, she asked.

“Did you get a call, ma’am?”, the receptionist gave her a sidelong glance.

“No”, Kaira replied.

“Then I ‘m sorry ma’am, you are not selected”, she declared.

“But why? My interview went very well?’ disappointed, she asked.

“I don’t know ma’am, I can’t help in this”, receptionist replied harshly.

Hiding her tears, Kaira asked, “Can I please meet Principal ma’am?”

“It’s not allowed, ma’am”, uninterested, she replied back.

“Could you please ask her once, I am desperate to meet her. It is important for me to know, what went wrong, so that I can prepare better next time. Please, try it once.” Kaira requested.

“OK ma’am, I will call her”, reluctantly, she dialed Principal’s extension.

“You can go ma’am, she is waiting for you, this way please”’, she smiled.

“Thank You so much”’, Kaira showed gratitude.

Kaira headed towards Principal’s room thinking “You are not good Kaira, you need to improve a lot. We have got a better candidate, so, there was no point of selecting you. Prepare well next time.”

She snapped out of it, hearing Principal’s voice, “Come Kaira, please be seated.”

“Thank You ma’am.” she showed respect.

“Tell me, what do you want to know? You might be aware of the result?’ Principal asked politely.

“Yes ma’am, but I thought, you liked my answers, my confidence that day”, she asked in despair.

“I liked you very much Kaira. In fact, we all liked you. You are very talented. But honestly, we are looking for a teacher who can teach normal Mathematics to our students, as you know it’s a small school. We want a teacher for whom this job is important. We want a permanent teacher. It disturbs the children and system if the teacher leaves the school in between the session.”’, Principal explained.

“But ma’am, I don’t have any plan to leave the job”, Kaira said.

“To cut long story short Kaira, you are more qualified for this job. I wish you all the success in life”, Principal ended the conversation nicely.

She didn’t lose heart. She applied in some more schools, but to her disappointment, she faced the rejection every time.

Though it was not the case, that she was heartbroken, yet there was no fun in getting rejected every time.

The words of Principal ma’am were echoing in her ears “You are more qualified for this job”. She didn’t believe it at all, but she thought of applying in the city’s best school this time.

When she got a call for interview, she was ready to face one more rejection. The interview went well as always, this time she was selected and was asked to join next month.

It took some time for her to digest the news. She was very happy that she got a chance to fulfill her passion.

But she was not aware that God had different plans for her.

After some days, her father told her, “Kaira, we have got a very nice family. Their son Mayank is an Engineer, he is a tall, handsome boy. We like the boy and the family. Mayank has a plan to go abroad in near future. They want him to get married first. I showed them your photograph; they liked it and want to meet you. I invited them on lunch tomorrow.”

“But Papa, I don’t want to marry now. I have got the job too; I would like to work for some time.”, Kaira argued.

“Kaira, I understand beta. But this is a very nice family. You will always be happy there”, he insisted.

“No, I don’t want to marry now”, she made her point.

“Listen Kaira, come here honey. Tell me, do you like someone else? I want your happiness only. I am with you”, he tried to console her.

“No papa, nothing like that. I just want to teach children, and I‘ve got this golden opportunity now.” She disheartened.

“Be practical Kaira. If you have any other reason, you can freely tell me, I am with you. But for this job only, if you are unwilling to marry, I ‘m not going to accept it.” He ordered.

It didn’t matter that she fell apart, it was how she put herself back together.

Next day, she was ready to meet them. It was a nice family. Mayank was a decent, smart guy.

The marriage was near, so many arrangements to be done, so much shopping was left. She was flown with stream. Just a month after marriage, they went Australia.

Kaira became busy with her new home, new life. Everything was so good and lovely, she never thought of her passion again. Mayank was a good husband, used to care for her every small and big things.

How the time flew, she couldn’t realize.

“Good news for you Kaira”, Doctor said, “You are going to have a baby soon.”

“Wow, I will be a mom. What a lovely feeling. Till yesterday, I was a little girl, now I will have a little one of my own. Hello baby, I love you, I want to meet you, muuuuuuah”, she was blushing;

Mayank left no stone unturned in taking care of her in pregnancy.

Kaira played the role of mother and wife wholeheartedly. The sleepless nights were not a big deal with the full support of Mayank. She was enjoying her life.

And then the second child was born, Kaira became more busy. Years passed by. Kids have grown up.

She used to get a plenty of free time now. While reading newspaper, an advertisement caught her eye.

A Mathematics teacher is required for a highly reputed school, the teacher should be compassionate, thoughtful.

Suddenly the emotions burst out. Tears rolled down her eyes. Although she was very happy with her life, there was still something missing. Her passion. her love for teaching. This was the only thing, she wanted to do since childhood. She broke. She couldn’t feel Mayank’s presence.

“You should give it a try.”, he said

“What? What are you saying? I don’t want to. I never taught anyone. I have no experience. And at this age, they can’t take me as a fresher.”, she replied.

Mayank insisted her so much, that she started weaving her dreams. He helped her in preparation.

With mixed feelings, she sent her CV for the post of Mathematics teacher. After a couple of days, she got a call for interview.

Even after so many years, her abilities were valued. Her persona still had that magnetic pull and she was offered the job.

The clock turned back and it seemed the day when she was offered the job very first time

The time has come to turn her passion into a fulfilling mission in her life.

She realized that age is no bar to fulfill your passion, so far as it is still within.

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