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A Gardner's day

A Gardner's day

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A gardener's day is not always same.

If we think he is not having fun, we are wrong.

" parsom aap kyom chutti liya" asked the tall tree in the Garden.

(Why did you take an off yesterday?")

Ramu remembered it's planted by Veer Singh and tall tree speaks in Hindi.

Ramu blinked his eye and told him.

" mere alarm ki battery chali gayi, mujhe koi nahi bulaya, mere dosth"

Tall tree swayed in wind as if it laughed loud.

Ramu switched on water sprinkler for grass.

" eppadi irikku Ramu"

Grass waved it's green blanket to Ramu.

" oho, neenga palani sami pulla kala,

Nalla irukke"

Ramu moved to clean the pathways.

All the flowers ready to boom.

There are so many Neem trees in the park.

They move gently in the air.

When Ramu needs a nap.. No other place he choose other than shade under Neem tree.

Many people walk around the park.

Many comes with children to play.

Some times someone for writing stories.

Ramu gets around nook and corner....

" entha Ramu innu vishesham"

(" what is special about today, Ramu?)

That was a Hydrangia flower planted by Ravi...

Ramu says each plant has it's own language.

Ramu's day is always a new day with lot of happiness.

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