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Tips For Coping With Social Animal

Tips For Coping With Social Animal

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We all have dreams and fears. But when those fears prevent us from working towards our dreams, there might be a problem. Social anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders and it is characterized by the fear of social situations. 


These social situations can include presenting a project in front of people, ordering food in a restaurant, or going home by bus. People with social anxiety fear the judgment of others and they always think that other people will negatively evaluate them. 


Which Are the Symptoms of Social Anxiety? 

How can you tell if you have social anxiety or not? Of course, the most recommended solution is to go to a therapist who will evaluate your anxiety level. But you can also look at the symptoms specific to social anxiety and see how many of them you have felt in a social situation. People that have their social anxiety triggered begin to sweat, tremble, and feel dizzy. Their heart begins to beat very fast and they begin to have a hard time controlling their reactions. 


If you had to present a project during high school or college, you are familiar with the feelings that come with this activity. Some people feel them more intense than others, and here is the point when you can tell the difference between social anxiety and emotions of low intensity. You probably felt that your mind has gone completely blank and you no longer know what to say. This caused you to be more nervous and anxious which led to blushing, sweating, and your heart beating faster. You might have had trouble catching your breath and you started hyperventilating. check it here custom essay papers 


All these are common symptoms of social anxiety and they are present in every situation you are exposed to people’s judgment. And one of the most common situations is using public transportation. You might be needed to interact with strangers, as you need to buy a ticket. But there is always the possibility of a sociable person to sit near you and try to start a conversation with you. 


Public transport has a strict schedule, and this might make you more nervous when you know you must catch the bus. The fear of losing the bus and needing to wait for the next one alongside other people is a real fear. And on top of this, the bus is a confined space and most of the time it is very crowded. You can check it here college paper helpessay writing services uk and dissertation writing services


All these thoughts have a negative impact on your behavior. If the fear and anxiety are so intense, they might prevent you from using public transport at all. This decision might make you more dependent on other family members and friends that can give you a lift. And always using your personal car will make your costs higher, so it might not be the best solution. 


But there are some simple yet effective ways you can cope with social anxiety while using public transportation. Keep in mind that it is your perspective on the situation that must be changed, not the situation itself. So, you need to work a little bit on your thoughts and find the best way to cope with social anxiety on public transport. 


Have A Friend with You 

 Having someone dear with you when you go through difficult situations is of huge help. They make you feel more relaxed and comfortable with the activity itself. They also give you a sense of security and you feel safer. We need to be realistic and acknowledge that this will not be possible every time you need to use public transport. But it will be helpful for the first few times. 


Even though technology offers us the possibility of talking with someone via mobile phone, the first time you can ask a friend to join you and help you face this challenge. Your brain will slowly begin to understand that it might be not as bad as you think and you will slowly be more relaxed. But you need to test and use multiple coping mechanisms to find the one that helps you the most. Having someone that makes you feel safe and secure is one of them. 


2.     Use Technology to Help You

 Like I have said, technology is very helpful nowadays. You can use Google Maps or local apps for public transport that show you the exact timetable. So, you can consider a buffer when you leave home to be sure that you reach the bus station on time and without rushing. This will make your anxiety feelings less intense, as you have control over your time. And this helps you not to miss the bus. Use MIMY which you can read a lot of interesting stories. Don’t forget about best essay writing service ukassignment helpessay writing service UK



On the other hand, you can use technology to talk with friends or watch talks, cartoons and even an episode of your favorite series. If you travel using public transport it does not mean that you have to be alone. You can always text to friends and choose a topic of discussion that requires your attention. Like this, you will focus less on the surroundings and more on the topic. 


3.     Find a Distraction

When you are socially anxious, you are sensitive to all the negative cues that surround you. You might see a person looking at you and feel judged. You might think that someone else is watching you and having a negative impression on you. The thing is, when your mind is anxious, it is alerted. Your attention is directed towards negative stimuli, such as the ones described above. 


Finding a distraction helps people that are socially anxious use public transportation without problems. You may use technology to your advantage and play games on your phone or just talk with friends. Or you can listen to music and even read a book. Instead of choosing to give your mind more fuel for anxiety, you can choose to direct your attention to something complex and interesting. 


Andrew, an essay helper at a paper service company, wrote that choosing to read books of his favorite genre helped him better cope with social anxiety on public transport. It was like a distraction and because the subject was so captivating, he forgot for a few moments that he was on a bus. 


4.     Practice Mindfulness

 Mindfulness is a broad concept that encourages people who practice it to focus on their body sensations and thoughts. But focusing more on your thoughts might make your anxiety levels higher, so here is how exactly mindfulness can help people with social anxiety.


Mindfulness is not only focusing on your body, but it includes breathing techniques. These help you remain calm in challenging situations such as taking the bus home. For example, you can practice at home a breathing technique and choose a mantra. Lay down and focus on your breath. Take deep breaths and put the right hand on your chest and the left one on your belly. Whenever you take a breath, you can say in your mind “A new beginning”. Whenever you breathe out, you can say “A release”. Do this for at least five minutes per day and your brain will associate the feeling you have now with the things you say in your mind. 


And after a few weeks of practice, you can do this breathing exercise whenever you use public transportation. Your brain will instantly remember that soothing and calm feeling you have at home and it will bring it to the present. This is a great way to cope with social anxiety on public transport, but you need to invest time to teach your brain this skill. 


5.     Accept What Will Happen

 There is always a possibility that something does not go according to the plan. Maybe the bus is very crowded. Maybe you do not have enough money to buy a ticket and you feel embarrassed. But for all the things you can prepare ahead, you should do it. 


For example, be sure that you have enough money for the ticket. Practice meditation and learn breathing techniques. Accept that things can happen and for a few moments can be out of your control. But trust your abilities to cope with this situation and be sure you have something to distract you. 



Social anxiety is a disorder that is more and more common in our society. And if you try to avoid the places or situations that trigger your anxiety, you will miss a lot. Instead, find the best way to help you cope with the stress, nervousness, and anxiety that comes with using public transportation. 


Read a book, listen to music or a podcast, watch some talks, or play some games on your phone. Practice daily meditation and breathing techniques to help you focus your attention on non-aversive stimuli such as the color of the trees or how your body moves when you breathe. 


Trust yourself because you have the power and ability to face this anxiety, you only need to find what works best for you. And if things are more and more intense, you should consider going to therapy. 

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