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Ashly Paul

Drama Romance


Ashly Paul

Drama Romance

A Cute Little Love Story

A Cute Little Love Story

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A big fight happened between my parents. Both didn't eat that night.

The next day he had a meeting. Dad made tea and ironed his clothes.

Mom seemed busy but the moment when dad came out after getting ready, she was in the hall pretending that she was reading the newspaper as if she is preparing for civil services!

Dad asked me how does he look. I know, my answer is not valid there because the original answerer had immersed herself in the newspaper.

I peeped at Mom but she was scrutinizing the news but forgot that it was yesterday's newspaper! Very well acted Mom!

“How do I look?” Dad asked loudly.

“Tell your dad to not put a loudspeaker and blow my ears.” Dad angrily went to drink his tea and was about to step out of home…

“Wipe the extra powder in your face.” Mom's voice reverberated in the hall.

“Where..where?” Dad turned back.

“Can't you look at the mirror properly?” Mom asked in a serious tone.

“Well, even mirrors fail in front of you.” Dad was grateful for his carelessness at that moment. The sparkle in his eyes confirmed it.

That sentence was the melting point of the cold war between both of them!

Despite the ferocious fights, the man and lady still look at each other, care for each other, complementing each other's flaws, laughing childishly.

The very moment when we fall for his/her flaws, that is the moment when the notion that we are meant for each other, spread its roots in the souls making us inseparable.

Ever seen both of the opponents in war, winning!?!

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