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A Childish Dream

A Childish Dream

4 mins

Once there was a little child. A gifted one…

Born with such incredible abilities and who, with him, brought infinite possibilities.

There seemed absolutely nothing in this world, to his determined innocence, which he found impossible to do. Impossible, in fact, was not even a word in his dictionary.

There was one more specialty (or rather a peculiarity) of that child: He was born happy, and he was unconditionally happy, no matter whatsoever. 

To his innocence, unknown were the demons of sadness, worry, sorrow, anger, and fear.

Similar to many others, he was born to accomplish his dreams, passions, and desires...and to transfigure the world in a perfect 'Utopia'. And he was sure to accomplish them for to him no such thing as 'failure' existed. 

'Mediocrity' was not his cup-of-tea.

To him, excellence was the easiest and the only thing to be pursued. 

Sure enough to succeed and being unconditionally happy... he committed his first and the disastrous mistake of his life –

The child began to grow up…

 He was only a little grown when his parents realized their 'little darling pet' has grown up enough to be taught what they called as 'discipline'... and be sent to school to understand the norms and conditions of living (or 'surviving', to be more precise) in this world. 

    The little child thought, "Wow! It must be fun to learn new and exciting things from all these experienced persons. It will help me to achieve my dreams faster." 

But, goodness only knew… such an innocent fool he was.

Day after day, he began learning new things at school, and even at home from his family members. He learned alphabets and numerals so quickly that he felt more happy and excited.

What he couldn't foresee was that these alphabets were nothing more than a trap. And numerals were there to put limitations to his 'Imagination'. 

And the people kept on praising him falsely for all his meager accomplishments. And the little child thought, "Wow! They really care for me so much." his another blunder.

The entire world of his surrounding suddenly thought that it is their sole responsibility to teach this child and to force their mediocre opinions, and their failures, sugarcoated in the essence of meager accomplishments, onto him. 

They even began forcing their own limitations and their own boundations onto the little child. And they tried their wits-out to make him believe all such nonsense. 

The child, who was born fearless and eternally happy, was persuaded hard into believing that he first must work for his security- security of his ‘Mediocre Future’. They even gave him a definite and the easiest regular path to attain that security.

Not only that. All those fearful-evil-mediocre people, with a secure future, even supported their arguments with a lot of crappy stories of another infinite number of mediocre people who had gone through that exact path and were finally well settled with their little mindsets and with their notion of security.

The poor little child, leaving aside his real dreams, began thinking about all these things others kept on pressing upon his little shoulders.

And that flock of all evil monsters, finally... finally convinced the child into believing that, "This is the ultimate purpose of his life."

That he too must follow a certain regular path like everyone else and settle down with his insecurities... and the guilt of failing in his ultimate purpose... 

They convinced the child that all his dreams ("the real childhood dreams") are nothing more than a fantasy… like a fairy tale. And that they can never be achieved... that they are 'Impossible' to attain... that, he too must live a 'Finite and Mediocre' life" - drenched in the fears and frustrations of typical middle-class society"- just like them.

One final shot…

They finally taught him that, one can never be 'Unconditionally Happy'...

That, there is no such thing as "Eternal Happiness"…

They even told him that, happiness comes with a lot of conditions…

That, “he must be unhappy”… 

No Mercy!! No mercy Dear Lord!!

And the child finally fell down; crippled were his thoughts, lost were his dreams, and shattered finally...was his Life.     

The Child... who was born "Gifted"… who, with him, brought infinite possibilities… who was born eternally happy and fearless... Finally died...

Not a normal death... but a horrible one. 

A meager death from the hands of all those evil-fearful-mediocre 'Saints'... who themselves had died years ago when they too were born as ‘the child’.

And in the end, Mediocrity smiled...

And the world still, Thrive to survive...

Yet still, a ray of hope is alive...

That, perhaps... the miraculous child will bear again...

And perhaps, we shall all pray... that the child, within us shall never die... 

May the child within us never die... 

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