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Japreet Saini



Japreet Saini


Your Memories

Your Memories

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Loving you around had always been special,

Kiss on your cheeks and forehead, and it was always a wonder.

I just loved the way you get into my arms, Hold me down and kiss on my palms,

Get me close to your heartbeat, And there I stuck for hours and sleep.

I remember your shade of love and bliss,

Every time you hold me there is something new to feel.

Now that you are gone,

These memories have grown fonder,

I just sit on my desk and peep out of the window,

Looking for you in the dews and drops,

Searching for you in that heavy fall.

There is a missing life for me to hold,

But I know you are seeing me from a far land, deep in my core.

Today afternoon you just walked in my mind,

I paved my way but you started to shine,

I hold your hands and looked into your eyes;

With a sudden flash, you moved by.

My wait is long and the days are bigger;

I can’t walk up to it and take the ladder,

Come back soon is what I have to say,

Missing you so much and I look for the day.

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