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Japreet Saini



Japreet Saini


A Minute, A Mix And A Flash

A Minute, A Mix And A Flash

2 mins

There is nothing in this world, which sense cant adhere to, may it be a mix of anxiety or a shell left on shore,

Certainly, there is something that bridges, understanding, but a fool is the one who still dilutes but talks insolence.

Nothing is fair in the game of the world, for once its shadow and the next turn, coal,

I made an effort to understand the need of the hour, Alas; I stuck only with the cry that left me stagger.

A minute to flash, a second to respond,

A heart to feel, a tear to roar,

Dance to swing, a rhythm to swept,

A love to cherish, and luck to relish.

A destiny to take, a chance to win,

A fortune to wake, an effort to rime,

Zeal to work, a passion to go,

A world to conquer, universe to hold.

These words will always live in time; Had they epitomized, I would have survived,

There was never a fear to lose my words; But now I stare before I take the words. 

I would have not lingered if my heart didn't wish, Rather stayed with fear, if I failed to speak.

The two identities always clash with the time, Ah, I realized one is my soul and the other my mind.

Tell, me how can I distinguish the facts, when these identities exist and I stood to squat,

I know it hurts when the time fails to adhere,

Had it been my destiny, I would have fought with a victor.

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