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Sarthak Singh



Sarthak Singh


Your Memories

Your Memories

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Ever since that night,

To me, you've been like a moonlight. 

So pure you were, loved your perfect imperfections,

To give you, all I have is my love, care, and affection. 

You were so joyful, cheerful but careless,

I cared for you but for me, you cared less. 

Your voice is as sweet as a nightingale,

Just come back and haunt me night and day. 

Do you remember the nights we used to talk,

Love the moments of how we used to mock. 

Remember how you used to be my psychiatrist,

Used to listen to your melody while me being the quietest. 

You are still the reason of my biggest smile,

For you, I'll run even a thousand miles. 

Now it seems that I am forgetting your smiling face, 

It's been nearly 3 years since we haven't had a gaze,

You are right before my eyes disappearing in the haze,

Loving is the only thing that makes me feel alive,

Enfold me in your arms and get me revived. 

Your refusal was like a dagger in the chest, 

Just twist it more while I lay in peace and rest. 

For me, I lost what I never had,

For you, you lost what you never get. 

Kept thinking about you for days and nights,

Now you've gone far away from the hope you're alright. 

Just save me in the deepest part of your memories,

All that is left of you in me is your stories. 

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