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Sarthak Singh



Sarthak Singh


Eternally Doomed

Eternally Doomed

1 min 233 1 min 233

And the rain fell, and fell, and fell-

The land became the horizon 

Till the silence rushed,

Down to those hearts,

Filled with innocence,

Glittering gleaming light under the lens.

Under the howling clouds!

Beneath the wretched waves!

Lies the butterflies,

Among the daffodils.

In the perfect blue

Silently, so still.

In the dead of the night 

Dead emerged endlessly

From their graves, they rise, who

Shall now roam on the mortal realm

But the dead with darkness in their eyes

Forged the fire of hell 

From the Eternal Damnation

Evil walked the Earth

RIP and TEAR !!!

The stench of blood filled the air

As BLOODY sunset fills the sky

Torment tore the hearts

Those who lived wished to die

Seas washed the shore,


Blood keeps spilling more.

The Night was heavy,

And the earth was like an open sore.

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