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sunil saxena



sunil saxena


Your Interesting Names

Your Interesting Names

2 mins 3 2 mins 3

Your interesting name

So much more charming sounding to me

Than your real names

That sound more like the bells ringing in the temples

The same sound every day, every time

Your interesting names, so much closer to the way you are

You make me delete them from my file

By making me think deeply of you

Your day of birth, I can’t remember

I can pass the test, of remembering your birthdays, just once maybe

You are silently angry, of my putting your name on the cover

Of my dairy for you, of filth and wisdom

You compel me, to think deeply of you

And make me overwrite the words of filth and wisdom

With the words of poetry of you

You make me lose all your interesting names

Which you can always tell me again

With the all seeing third eye of phattu

Taking note of all that I do, and take a backup in your own diary

You are the sweetest charming of all

Would like to embrace me in a bear hug

And call it a love embrace

For your way, of showing, your discontent of my filth and wisdom backup in your own diary

Now I only have you in my poetry

My filth and wisdom left behind

Your interesting sound so charming to me now

Ever so more interesting

When I am in deep thought of you

I lose my mind, my senses go for a spin

I tear my soul, I tear my heart

I whimper, every time I lose my work, my words

When thinking about you

And I say please to you

To help me out to retrieve my words, that I overwrote

While thinking of you

Your interesting names, they have so much more meaning than your real names

Your interesting name, your interesting name

Will Sound so much more like you

When you will give me 2 under the ears

Your interesting names

Your interesting names

Your interesting names

O’beautiful you, beautiful you

I won’t mind, forgetting the world, dreaming about you

Your interesting names, so charming so lovely

Out of my affection for you, even before knowing you well

I give them to you, because you know me so well, perhaps better than I do my self

Your interesting names

Your interesting names

Your interesting names

L’oove you all for your interesting names

Lovelies all, lovelies all, lovelies all.


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