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Heena Talwar



Heena Talwar


Yes! We Are Women

Yes! We Are Women

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When we were born,

There were little less of smiles,

But eyes full of shine...

Our childhood was little bumpy,

Yet we outshined then just being grumpy.......

We walked the lane full of hurdles and difficulties,

Still we hailed ahead with much smiles and tranquilities....

Every time they made us down,

Like the certainty of tides..

But with hopes and faith

We always rise....

Not that they only stopped us,

From being ahead,

They also killed us,

From holding high our head...

They May shoot us with their words,

They May cut us with their eyes,

They May kill us with their hatefulness,

But still like air

We will always rise......

We don't want to rise

For equal rights...

We wants to rise,

For happier might’s....

Yes, We are women!

We have elegance,

We are witty,

We are born to lead no pity...

Yes, We are women !

We are emotional,

We are sensitive,

We held our relations closed with perceptive.......

Yes, We are women !

We dance,

We work,

We laugh our heart out,

We love not to ever loose out...

Yes, we are women!

We are strong,

We don't anyone to ride along...

Yes we are women!

And we are proud of it!!

Yes, we are women!

And we will always bloat from all

Ifs and buts....

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