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Sharique Jamal



Sharique Jamal




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When you feel the wind in your face,

When you touch the raindrops,

When you smell the acorns and wildflowers,

Then shall you know you are living?

When the sun rises you witness in all splendor,

When the dusk you see as a night bride,

When the laughter within you, wants to be shared,

When the tears of wounds, wants to be healed,

Then shall you know you are truly living?

When sometimes dreams make you yearn,

When sometimes you feel like going by,

When you feel you had reached the summit,

Yet no joy did it elicit,

When days are darker than nights,

When your thirst for something more,

Leaves you parched,

Then shall you realize the meaning of life,

Then shall you live in the moment?

When intense agony you feel for a friend,

In pain,

When somedays there are wind, in your sails,

When somedays you are motionless,

These trials and tribulations,

Are mere wrinkles of life's forehead.

When you feel you are on the path,

When no pain, regret, or hatred fills your soul,

When you accept each day as a gift,

Then you have become a person,

A man of sensitivity and conviction.

When your hands are empty,

And have lost all, in moments of past,

Yet have the courage to build again,

Knowing storms devastate yet your will remains unflinching,

When you live in the moment,

When no sandcastles you build,

Knowing it will be washed away,

Yet to rebuild, as a child,

Then shall you truly live,


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