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Water In His Love

Water In His Love

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Let's create a scene
A girl with love and its urge
A fall, its water and its potential
A man, his horse and silence.

The girl was irrigating her soul under fall
The man giving bath to his horse
But the girl was not disturbed by his presence
The silence and the nature were witnessing the scene.

Water everywhere touching her everywhere
Creating music on her body
She enjoying this and responding with her rising heat
But what for the man was then.

Wait, there was no man
It was water bathing the horse
It was water not disturbing her
It was water -her poem.

And her man was all around
And her man falling want to show his potential
He wanted to take deep in him
He was clear in depth.

She wasn't on the bed
She wasn't parallely covered with her man
She was going deep and going tight
This water was parallel to every part of her body.

This clear deep was her ultimate
She felt his and her wet fusing
This deep was trembling and making her body go back and forth
But there was no noise of bed.

She forgot to breathe
She was in heaven and on earth in seconds
She was in her best
And this water was in his love.

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