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Abstract Inspirational Others

War Of Thoughts

War Of Thoughts

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'Hear me out!' the heart cried out,

The brain shrugged off in a nonchalant way,

Voice often lost in thoughts and dreams,

The heart mellowed softly, waiting to be dismissed.

The heart holds back to its long lost days,

Its glorious empire which reigned the minds,

Until raging ambitions and rat race of humans had chained it,

War lost, the heart dethroned.

The tyranny of achievements overpowers all,

Under the monarchy of the brain, the heart's decrowned.

Heart's beloved, humanity starts losing its unfathomable beauty,

Deprived of her jewels, treasures, and divine power.

She is no more respected by the empire of humans.

Back to the golden days, a forgotten deep friendship narrates the storyteller,

The heart loved and the brain worked to make that eternal,

The heart held kindness while the brain found ways of selfless acts,

Those were the glorious days of humanity,

Those were the days when humanity treaded every mind with her beautiful feet.

But as destiny could have, a foreteller prophesied that enmity between so great a friendship was not far by,

All hell broke loose when the brain left heart over greed.

Humans thrown into the dark era fought among themselves,

Darkness vibes jealousy and hypocrisy rules society,

And there sits heart helpless, groaning with pain.

There could be a bright day of reconciliation,

A day when brain would hear to heart, and heart protected by brain,

Humanity dreams of such beautiful days,

Her hopes for a smiling future are never shattered by the shackles in which she is caged.

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