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Charvi Yadav



Charvi Yadav




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Mortals prattle about love,

Earthlings natter hate,

Today why not change the game?

Let's confabulate about war,

Let's parley about peace,

Let's see who'll lose,

Let's see who wins...

Like blazing fire, war roared,

"Come with me, I shall conquer the whole world for thou,

Become my apprentice, be the king,

I shall safeguard thy crown,

Come with me, hear how victory sounds..."

Peace whispered,

"Thou may accompany war if thou desires,

But if thou yearn to taste heaven,

Accompany me, I shall transform your residence into one..."

Thus, the battle had begun.

Outlasting the dawn of the day,

The warmth of the sun,

The gelid evening,

The moonlit night,

Yet it could not be decided,

Which was greater,

Which was mightier,

Alas, in all this plethora of events,

One didn't cognize,

War and peace,

They are the boughs of the same tree,

There is peace in war,

In peace, there lies war...

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