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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Eesh Howw



Eesh Howw


True Champions Kiss The Earth

True Champions Kiss The Earth

2 mins 221 2 mins 221

She floats like a dream, 

Before she sinks under, 

Carrying in her folds, 

The dying cries of the soldiers.

The trunk of a tree symbolizes it's age,

For the rings in it are too uncomfortable to be on the tree's exterior,

Similarly, the soil here,

Has the lives of the soldiers who have fought without fear.


Guns in hand,

They fought for their country,

As if, it was something minute and not 'Grand'.

While we kiss our warm beds,

They stood there on the battlefield,

We jerked our quilts and draped our heads,

While they fought without even caring for their dawn bread.

As they started perishing more,

We had made the mind of our side losing the war,

Their family for worried about losing a Sunray,

It was then 'they won' and proved what were they born for.

Eyes blew off,

Hands shot,

He prevails nothing of that handsome guy who came for his duty from home,

But he was tough and performed what he was taught.



He amounts to his final breaths,

While still a curve of triumph on his now-startled face,

He died so that we can dwell,

And how did we contributed in this case?

Oh! The bloodshed soil.

Oh! The sniveling ocean.

Oh! The blue sky pouring down the blushing rain of our soldiers' connotation.



The waves of the ocean rose,

Many new dreams drifted amongst it,

The mud level rose with thousands of bone under,

As the warriors died,

Our earth buried, with her enormous modesty, the dying cries of her robust fighters!

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