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Dhwani J



Dhwani J


Treadmill Companion

Treadmill Companion

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Life is but time that'll never go still;

It's just a huge tireless eternal treadmill.

The walkers change, and so does the pace;

But the treadmill goes on with the same grace.

I step on it, courageously alone,

And walk along the path I'm shown.

But somewhere, somehow, I think midway -

"Who is with me, all through the way?"

Involuntarily, I walk and walk..

And look for a partner and begin to talk.

I call them my kith, my kin, my mates

And want them to help me through all my gates.

With some, I climb huge rocks and cliffs

With some, I part with some meager tiffs.

I'm sickened by some 'byes', elated by some!

I've forgotten my path - that's worrisome!

Somewhere along this ceaseless route,

I've lost the route and forgotten the root.

I'm still concerned in looking for mates

Fighting between the loves and the hates.

Suddenly I see, to my own shock -

That I'm all alone, and I hit on a rock.

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