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Dhwani J



Dhwani J


A Token Of Love

A Token Of Love

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Men have forgotten the smell of pleasure

And kids haven't heard of a thing called leisure.

Scurrying, racing, hither and tither,

We have no time to spend with one another.

Working at nights and days alike,

We know not of how love and joy look like.

We help, we hurt, we greet and move on -

But quality time? Those days have long gone!

Amidst this hassle, let's not forget -

It will be one day, too late to regret.

A token of love, hearty though small

Could make someone's day the best day of all!

You may be frustrated, angry or sad,

But remember that everyone's fighting their times bad.

Love, goodwill and a hearty 'thank you' -

That's all it takes to bring joys anew.

Brighten some lives before it's too late -

Some happiness, some smiles, are easy to create!

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