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Poornima Kapoor

Romance Fantasy Others


Poornima Kapoor

Romance Fantasy Others

To ‘the one who will never be mine’

To ‘the one who will never be mine’

3 mins

Miles apart and borders between 

No fate together and yet you met

My life was moving earlier

But soon it began to rivet

For me it wasn’t a novel thing

I have seen people falling in it

But dotty it became when I found

Myself embraced with it 



Do not shrivel it by mistaking it 

For a ‘first sight affair’

From a fascination it had embarked

And eventually turned into a paramour

Bewildered I was over ‘this’ unruly bond

Where bliss was found being a captive 

And freedom from it was abhorred

Thanking for everything it made me votive



Then, each sunrise cherished my heart

Thinking the nova brought to me

The rays from your part

With open hands I tried to capture them 

Allowing them to touch every bit of me



Everything around me had turned pink

Making myself a queen, I fantasized you my king

How outlandish it was 

That I had started smiling without a cause



Then with a jolt comes the thunder

With the sound of truth and only truth to ponder

Leaving me crying to my pillow 

And teasing with the willow*

Asking me bluntly that why the hell do I imagine

Knowing wholly, you will never be mine



But my poor heart isn’t good with the sight 

For it doesn’t see the yards between us

It keeps on escaping from the reality

And forcibly bind ‘me’ into ‘us’



And on seeing the glow of your glimpse

The trail of fantasy begins again

Taking me to another world

We wander in the love-smudged lanes



With truth in the eyes and a heart of piety

I vouchsafe to you

My faith, love, and dignity

Hoping that someday it would be accepted by you

Whole-heartedly you will shout your lungs out

On the green lush top hill

Saying it too loud

And with the echo of the hill

My ears will hark the melody of your love



How mystic it veered like some fairy-tale

But life has its own course with no fallacies

It may acquiesces one to choose

But awards the flowers from the garden of fate



Time flew like sand falls from the fist

And with the passage of each second 

The demarcation between the fancy and materiality faded 

Immersing me into the lilac, placid ocean of passion

Each twilight began whirling me

Into its amorous whirlpool

Obliterating the acres of land with milestones of reality

I began writing an utopian tale

Not much had passed when I envisioned

Myself in the cloak of the destiny-writer

Labouring in the waves of passion and 

Jotting my future with you on my life-charter


But then, I felt a racking anguish swelling in my heart

When I delved deep into it I found the cause

‘I was no longer the painter for you were someone else’s art’

Oh! how excruciating it was

The shattering of my fanciful edifices

Was more sonorous than the tempest of the reality

For over these years i had treasured these fancies

And now like a volatile aroma seemed not less than a lie


‘Then, why did you came in my rudiment life 

Carving a trail of sentiments with your passionate knife

A cutthroat assassin you are!

I shouted looking up at the sky

Dark and silent it was just like my core

Like a child I wept and questioned the Thee

That why you wrote the love when it wasn’t destined to be complete

“The art of love isn’t effortless 

The completed love tales bears allurance 

While the unrequited ones bears a sermon” 

“What is it?”, I asked peacefully like a dove

“It teaches the vocation of commitments and 

An art of How To Love !”

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