Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Thought Only Breeds Fraught

Thought Only Breeds Fraught

3 mins

I am an entity

I enjoy profusely with my own vanity

Hardly can I realize

I am a vowel with a malevolent sense

I too need support of consonant to make resonance with sensible existence

Though their quantity are major

Yet I am obsessed with my quality in galore

I only claim of possessing the strength to convert quantity into quality

I am unable to fathom the strength of quantity which too plays with reverse entity

Collective effort I undermine and discard

Leadership quality is what I equate to determine my valor

I only give importance to my cerebral

Having faith of my own ability which I consider as phenomenal

I love only to beat my own drum

Making huge noise to suppress others in humdrum!

I am habitually contented with my own state

Oblivious to human history where numerous tyrants vanished in haste

Though they never thought

In the passage of time they too will transform into sheer odd

Unable to adapt with the pace of evolution

They just disappeared into perpetual oblivion!

When I observe the available milieu

I seldom bother the transformation always in progress with numerous hue

Color, flavor, strong or weak attraction

Even gravitation reflects with distinction in nature’s dispensation

Quark, Lepton, Proton and Neutron

Makes matters happen to reveal at random

I am in dilemma to fathom

What is Up and Down, Top or Bottom?

Haw far it exists in my spectrum to make an impact in my cerebral

How I can claim I am superior and only champion

When I notice there are different characters among many

Lesbian, Gay and confused sexual status manifests in complicated human anatomy

My ear drum unable to hear any symphony

A noise of confusing note appeared to make sheer cacophony!

I wonder how my brain will gauge

The turbulence in the external world too an integral

Motion, Spin, Quasar, Pulsar

Three in one the only intriguing phenomena engulfing me in rapture

From Big Bang to Black Hole

The Charm, Color, Flavor, all play an intriguing role

We human are truly a dot in this vast universe and its mystic knot

Though we human do possess a distinct brain

Which always makes us distinct from the flowing tapestry to acclaim?

Which only bear the testimony, that not ‘I’ but we are the only amazing train

Vowel and Consonant, both are integral

That too a mystic composition for symphony to herald!

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