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Venkatesh R

Abstract Inspirational Children


Venkatesh R

Abstract Inspirational Children

The Voice Of A Nation

The Voice Of A Nation

2 mins

There is a climate 

That is scattered.

There are rivers 

That stays across.

There religions that 

Got stretch across.

There are languages that 

Are disseminated across.

There is nourishment 

Patterns that define us.

There are communities 

That defines us.

There is architecture 

And the palace that reveals 

The ascetics in us.

There are celebrations 

That unites us.

There are fasting that 

Emphasizes our belief.

There are shoulders we share,

There are lives we share and

There are friends 

We make beyond the borders

What distinguishes us.

There are so many lines 

That divide us by borders, 

Politics, and caste but still,

We live together as a 

The unit as our 

Endurance doesn’t

Come in identity 

But as a Regiment.

There are journals that enhance us for sovereignty.

There were rulers who endowed on us with non-violence.

There were governors 

Who built a legion 

Out of youngsters 

Against contemporary 


There were poets who impelled

The movements.

There were businessmen 

Who built a monarchy 

To define the thrift 

Until this date.

There are sorority 

And brotherhood that 

Signified freedom.


The pain bored 

By mother, India is not less


The chronology 

Has been ascertained.

In spite of all the fences, 

We won the freedom 

From lords,

But not from long-lived


One need not spill the blood,

To keep the peace, 

Just spill the time for the intent.

Share the moment to 

Create the Art to the right 

Audience to annihilate

The sufferings of the mother.

Utilize Social Media to create a better country free from violence and poverty.

Donate education for a youngster 

In need than throwing a fake party

Signifying your masked luxury.

Celebrate a birthday,

In an orphanage 

By reassuring the trust of 


Be the transporter by 

Curtailing the food waste 

At home by getting it 

Distributed to feed India.

Solve an issue with collaboration and networking by giving the antidote

To the social organization 

In your foundation.

The Path and thoughts 

Are been laid in 

Freedom struggles.

The ideas and inspirations 

Are scripted by the 

Biographies and speeches 

Of great leaders and teachers.

The court is yours, 

You are the architect 

Of future India.

Age doesn’t matter

But the blaze does matter

To ignite the wings,

Of the nation.

Unity is greater than loneliness.

Unite to define history,

Not just during the national anthem.

But as a nation with a strong voice.

Peace and growth happen when I become us.

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