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Swati Sarangi



Swati Sarangi


The voice of a dumb

The voice of a dumb

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Dumb, the world described her

As she never made an

Attempt to voice her words

For she knew that

Wording her voice was

A task much easier for her


Breaking the ice of introversion

Was a task beyond her vision

She was always very quiet

Quite reluctant to speak up

When her brain was constantly in motion


She did not want to be judged

Challenged by bullies umpteen times

She chose not to take revenge either

Wisdom was like garland of her soul

Strengthening her demeanour


She chose to pick up the sword

 The sword of words, the pen

Which the world recognised

Words too were her armours

Against insensibility of thoughts


The recognition that she earned later

Through the words she catered

“Persistence of duty was must”

She cleared while addressing a

Vast stretch of audience in front of her.

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