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The Unseen Tears

The Unseen Tears

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I heard her wailing, I heard her cries,

I saw her sitting frail in body, tears in her eyes.

She saw me coming, tried to get up and stand

I could understand the gesture,  took her hand,

Walked in tandem with her, I am hungry she said, from two days.

I bought her some food, made her sit down on the street,

Looked at her tiny little feet.

Passersby looked at me in curiosity,

Some looked at us with pity.

Looked at her wolf down the food.

Good, she repeated, very good.

Then I took her to my home.

I lived alone, made her welcome.

I felt a sense of fulfilment, done my duty.

She has grown up into a young woman of beauty.

One day I heard her pacifying someone who was crying,

A young girl it was frail from hunger dying.

She had brought this girl home, fed her food.

Good, the girl said, very good.

I sometimes fail to understand how goodness spreads its wings,

When we fail to understand certain things.

Like the girl, I had brought out of her misery that day.

And brought her home to stay.

Understood the grief of another girl.

It was seedi baat that day, I had brought

Home, not a girl but a priceless pearl.

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