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The Struggles of a Transgender

The Struggles of a Transgender

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When I was born

I did cry

When I was some old

I was

My parents’ gold


Throughout my life

I always thought

‘I will become a superstar’

But there was a ‘but’

In my head

That will I become a superstar

Until I’m dead?

No one knows

When will one die?

How, when

Where and why?


*College life

As I grew up

I became a little shy

But nobody liked me

I didn’t know why

I discussed with my parents

With a large cry

I told my parents

That rather than living

It’s better to die

My parents advised me

Not to cry

Become a little bold

And not too shy

*Turning Point of My Life

There was a new strength

I felt in my body

To change everyone’s viewpoint

That transgender are shoddy

I felt that I

Had a power

To make everyone believe

That we are at par

I believe that I can

Make this clear to everybody

So that transgender can’t

Fear from anybody

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