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Nancy Gupta



Nancy Gupta


The Secret

The Secret

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Wants, desires, and ambitions,

Each one of us has set our own goals.

Amidst the atmosphere of turmoil and chaos,

Each one of us is fully determined as before.

But not everyone achieves what he desires,

And the blame he gives to his own stars.

Where did you lack?

Ever wondered?

Is it because of some distraction?

No, I was determined.

Is it because of lesser hard work?

No, I was fully devoted.

So, wherein then lies the fault?

Think! Analyze! Gaze!

Think again-


Were you really determined to get what you want?


Were you focussing more on what you don't?

Did you devote yourself to what you already knew?


Were you more afraid of what you don't?

Analyze Again,

Gaze at your past,

And mend your future,

For, only somewhere in above lines,

Lies the core secret!

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