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The Dream

The Dream

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The night was dark and dead

I wasn't sleepy but lay in bed

Don't know what made me sleep

But the dream...

The dream woke me up

Was it a dream or reality?

I don't know

But I heard it

The melodious song;

Came from the courtyard perhaps

The language was unearthly

But meseems, attached to

I thought, I always knew,

Knew the song, knew the voice

I woke and opened...

The jammed window

To find nothing!

But the shivering trees, standing alone

The voice gone

The sweet little song gone!!

I couldn't help but cried

The voice cried with me

I was thrilled

Thank God! It wasn't gone

I laughed happily, and

And! The voice laughed too

It again started the song

With me following the tune

Suddenly the song stopped.

I called and called

Just for no response

I opened the door and called

But...but all in vain

Why the hell I can't have

The same dream every night?

I wonder...

Just for the sake of my happiness

Will ever the voice return?

Will the sweet little song

Be ever heard again?


Will it!?!    

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