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Shivi Khurana


The Burning Liquid!

The Burning Liquid!

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 Just because she didn't accept your proposal,

Or maybe because She was very much vocal.

Or maybe you weren't ready to accept the refusal,

You thought to give her treatment so woeful.

You threw acid on her face to burn her,

Or it was your own insecurity that created the blunder.

You wanted to take your so-called revenge,

Or maybe you knew nobody will come in her defense.

Your act of this crime just proved your insanity

While throwing acid on her, you burned your own humanity.

You wanted to make her life as bad as hell,

But you were drowning in your own built well.

Some died, Some were living like a dead,

This acid attack has so many stories unsaid.

Out of those some, Few fight and come back,

And that is what you call a tight slap.

You burnt her body, Not her soul,

The qualities she has, your acid can't steal.

There is no punishment that can nullify your deeds,

Your soul is dead, even though your body breathes.

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