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Shivi Khurana



Shivi Khurana


A Catastrophe Or An Apostrophe

A Catastrophe Or An Apostrophe

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Life is like a series of Parabolas,

With a bunch of maxima's and Minima's.

Through ups and downs are that part,

From which nobody can ever depart.

But for some, the downs go really deep,

And they start doubting the abilities that they keep.

They start losing hope from every end,

They forget to analyze that its just a bend.

Each day starts seeming like a big catastrophe,

Life gets so perplexing like a lock without a key.


What if the catastrophe is just an apostrophe,

What if the damage is done to stop you from drowning into the sea.

The sea that is filled with all the negativity

The sea will take you far away from your dignity.

What if the catastrophe has a hidden meaning,

What if it will make you possess what you are dreaming of.

What if, it is to omit the things that are bitter,

Just how an apostrophe omits a letter.

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