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Manu Devassia



Manu Devassia


The Birth Of An Olympian

The Birth Of An Olympian

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The magnificent Olympics have gone

Bringing glory to many nations

But countable trophies to our land

And smiles to only a few faces.

Lectures resounded in classrooms and public places

On bringing more medals, making the nation proud.

Rewards were declared honoring the champions; 

Flickers of cameras dominated the days that followed.

Fans flocked to click selfies and friends to renew relations;

The ones neglected came in claiming acquaintances,

And unusual faces showed up claiming a share in the victory.

Glory is phenomenal, it does things implausible.

Textbooks narrated success stories of the champions,

But the school grounds remained places seldom visited.

Knowledge, the books concealed, was the priority,

And their creative wings remained unable to flutter.

Let their feet run about on the open sunny grounds;

Let their minds explore the euphoric moments

Of little victories among and against their mates

Then merely witnessing the lectures in classrooms.

The mind and body of pupils shall not be enchained;

Give them dreams filled with unreserved support.

Who knows if the drops of sweat they shed today

It Will is not tomorrow's glittering medals.

The spring of their life is not to be limited

To a world within walls and white pages.

Books and knowledge may give a career bringing a wealth

But the perspiring hours a healthy and promising future.

Efforts too must be prized, like the victories.

A word of praise may create a history tomorrow.

The birth of an Olympian is an extensive journey

From a smiling consent to motivating applause.

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