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Venkatesh R

Inspirational Drama


Venkatesh R

Inspirational Drama

The Barrier

The Barrier

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They were strangers once, time united them, with love.

They faced barriers, and hurdles, though the love within them, strengthen the bond.

No sword was used, with nonviolence, they got united, in marriage.

With time, the responsibility grew, and the time for each got wavered.

They served the master, however, forgot their equity.

Time passed, and she got questioned.

She got ill-treated, be it a family function, or a community function.

Technology and medico, couldn’t share their pain.

They avoided, public gathering, and she battled the depression.

The couple, went for a long drive, the car got punctured, she decided to get down for a walk to feel the fresh air.

As she walked, a child stood behind the bars of the fence.

The innocent smiled at a stranger, and she fell for her at first sight.

When we chose a partner, out of our choice, why not the family?

Parenting is not, about giving birth, it’s about raising, the

qualities of humanity, with responsibility.

The want for descent quits when soul, get united.

The child embraced her as a parent, and

She adopted the child, a daughter.

A soul got saved from the hands of loneliness.

They crossed over the barrier, with the wings of love propellers.

Some barriers needs to be broken, to let the emotions flow,

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