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CK Kalpana



CK Kalpana


Sweet Spice And All That's Nice

Sweet Spice And All That's Nice

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Dusting my attic one day

I found a book of mysterious recipes

Was it my grandmas' or her grandma

Sure did look antique and very vague.

The recipes were unique I found

Spicy and sweet and many abound.

On opening the first page,

The barrage of aroma stuck me hard

It contained recipe for a sweet tooth

Mouth-water Balushahi unfit to disregard.

Another page had some illustrations

Of a bowl and few ingredients

A rolling pin, a sack of wheat and some spice

You guessed it, was Paratha alright!

A malai kofta here, a Kaala Daal there

A rice preparation followed by an Indian bread there

Veggies as a side dish made my mouth water

Even when they were on paper

There were some more pages

Stained with flavours

Dragging you into an old world

Of kitchens enormous and wondrous

And now I wish I was there

In the kitchen with the women of those days

Not sweating and cooking like they were

But being treated to their wondorus wares

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