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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj




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With the first golden beams rising from the east

Piercing the glass windows of the closed four walls,

My legs crossing the boundaries of my bed,

In the pursuit of order

A new days itinerary is ready.

Glass of water, that hot cup of morning tea ,

exercise, meals,

Dusting, dish washing,laundry,

Kids, senior citizens , Office appointments

board meetings ,Social engagements,

Occupancy, head to heals.

Also at home, remodeling of some structures,

Electrician, plumber, the garden, decorative pots

Those erratic maids, off course! a necessity.

And that love , my soulmate partner

Always there with a cheer on his face,

Patting my back, helping a bit here and there

Though like a charmer, but heart full of purity.

Life and its itineraries ! is it chaotic, or a routine,

Struggle or a way of life..?

Whatever! chaos keeps things moving

Facing challenges, overcoming them,

makes life interesting .

Predictability of events! Wouldn’t it be worse,

Pre-planning against God’s unknown plans?

Order and chaos, two faces of the same coin

Though rough and tough ,but strong,

a little room for strife;

An effective way to face the odds with patience and serenity

And the only alternative for a disciplined life…..

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