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Gagan Pathre

Abstract Horror Fantasy


Gagan Pathre

Abstract Horror Fantasy

Soul Licker

Soul Licker

1 min 25 1 min 25

Under the relief of the painful nights

Another soldier broken inside

Waking up heartless 

With the drain of despair in the eyes.

She was frozen in her bed

Like the frost dripping off the ice

She felt so grievous on herself

When the time played another dice.

She is growling in an angry voice

Pulling her arms to the side

Forcing herself out from an erratic fight

While at the edge of being paralyzed.

Sudden, that moment 

A silhouette of undefined appeared

In front of her dead face

But couldn't figure out the base.

She felt that sitting on her chest

Making her go out of breath

And now the shadow is cleared

She built an eye contact.

She laid their clueless

As the figure steadily scans her face

But the next second she realized

There are many of them around like.

She heard whispers and scratching

And they seems to be at the distant

Then the one on her top staring

Eventually faded somewhere in the air.

In the front of her eyes, clouds up the darkness

She was sweating due to what happened 

And at the next moment she heard the noises.

The noises which you hear in your dreams

Ahead of those noises stood screams

And above it all came into the picture

The one she named as soul licker.

The creature crawls up to her again 

And began to play on her chest

She wondered is she gonna die

But rather was caught up in the chain of event.

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