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Some Mornings, Many Nights

Some Mornings, Many Nights

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I couldn’t seem to make up my mind 

Was it the happy days we had had together? 

The mornings I woke up beside you, usually to turn the fan off and tug at the blanket to see you mumble in your sleep while you frowned and pulled the blanket back 

Or the mornings when you woke up from the sound of my intermittent snores 

Maybe the mornings when you had to leave the bed too soon cause of your work calls and funnily, I would wake up just then, as if even in my sleep I dreaded your absence 

But then it could be those mornings when you would wake me up with bed tea and the egg sandwiches I liked so much 

Or the times we would binge watch Friends until dawn and sleep through the mornings

I just couldn’t make up my mind 

And then I realised maybe I wasn’t giving enough credit to the nights 

The nights when you called me to tell me you would be under my apartment in the next five minutes and I’d always make you wait 

The nights we listened to every song on my playlist while we lay curled up on the couch with the dimmest light on 

The nights when I would wait for you to get back home so we could have dinner together 

Or the nights when we fought and cried and eventually made peace through the tears 

Peace that only lasted a few hours 

The nights when we acknowledged the exasperation and decided to part only to meet again the night after because hurling abuses at each other was more comforting than staying apart 

Nights when I shared a love-hate relationship with rain cause it reminded me of you and I had no way to tell you that 

Nights like these when we decided never to speak again

Nights like these when we lay in our own respective blankets...Far far away from each other, still a little bit in love 

Yes,It was definitely the nights that made us.

It was definitely the nights that broke us. 

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