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Manaswini Dash



Manaswini Dash




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Each moment I get hurt 

By refreshing the memories ;

My daughter's obstinacy for dolls

And my wife's painful request to go back

These soul-shattering moments

Never let me sleep and breathe

Because my freedom to relish their love has been withdrawn to serve the country

My sweat, blood, and tears

Are the supporting bars for protecting 

My country from external attacks and oppressions

The firing, explosions are the music of my life

My each second is dedicated to ensure security for my nation where my all brothers and sisters reside.

My sacrifice, commitment, and honesty are the certificates of my belongingness to my country

I am prepared for death always

As every moment I recognize myself in the battle

No comfort, no luxury, no entertainment are the ethics of my job

Still, I breathe the air of my country proudly

I eat the food of my country with contentment

I sleep on the soil of my country with endless pleasure

My sorrow is my absence in my family

I am dearth of the pleasure of listening to Papa and fulfilling the sweet demands of my wife

I shed my tears in silence and search my victory in the battle of firing and blood

At any moment death can come to me

I have no objection for it as my determination is to dedicate myself

But my dear country!

If I witness death, then you will bear the responsibility of my daughter and wife

So that my soul can rest in peace.

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