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Debasish Majumder

Drama Tragedy


Debasish Majumder

Drama Tragedy



3 mins

Crow, Sparrow, Linnet and many birds

Being summoned by Pigeon with an ardent urge

‘Please listen my dear friends and kindly gather

Humans always stare at us and clatter

Expressing their envy and utter

Birds of same feathers flock together

They are envious as we soar high and high

They invented airplane by emulate us with continuous pry and sigh

Eventually they devised to parley with our reign in the sky

And continuously polluting our plane

And express their ecstasy with delightful train

They are of course supreme in nature’s floor

They declare their paramountcy with a brazen roar

Never cared that we fly by virtue of nature’s endowment

Sky is the nature's craft, not single creature’s right to

Establish their hegemony in any decrements.’

‘They now can comfortably fly

Surely by their innovative approach we are none to vie

Sky also became their limit

Can we parley with their superior brain which we have no choice but to admit?

They are superior by all means

But having with no sensibility to comprehend our sufferings

Once they enslaved us and forced us to bear their tidings

We carried their messages with long distances and acted as a communicating agents

But unfortunately they forgot in their domain our endeavor for them with exuberance

But in the passage of time

They threw us when we appear no longer serving their changed time

But now we all are facing immense mess

Owing to the communication technology they heralded to cause sheer mayhem

Our life is in utter jeopardy

How can we appeal to them to save us from oblivion in nature’s primacy?

We are created by nature

How another in nature having no empathy and disbanding us from our legitimate stature?

Please my dear friends kindly unite all

Just to discard human’s eccentric and endearing communicating protocol

If our life is at stake by means of the alacrity of communication

Why cant’s we appeal to them to save us from perpetual annihilation?’

Other birds all can comprehensively realize

What pain they all suffer for communication technology of human merely to suffice

Human are getting immense pleasure

By the cost of their displeasure

Human hardly bother birds are in the verge of extinct

By virtue of construing the fancy of their own precinct!

Pigeon’s plea, ‘Dear birds, can you all make a devise

Just to ensure our entity to suffice?

Which can bring catastrophe to their innovative device?

If you can bring distress to airplane

Can’t you associate to destruct their flame?

Can’t you bring down to their nefarious regime?

Where you will find many within them who may not subscribe their ploy

Just to treat us as their fanciful toy

Please do something for serving our fraternity from extinction in nature’s pristine lawn

Though we are not supreme,

But we too possess the right to exist in nature’s grand echelon.’

All birds are on the same juncture

Their existences are truly in utter dismay with clamor

They all are subjected to immense pain

But their urges are all in vain

Humans are in rapid pace

Disruption is becoming their only grace

Not bothering within them many too are in infliction

We just are mere fry

This only devastating our stature with an abortive cry

Thus perhaps they script to mop up all creatures on nature’s floor

Today nobody may heed to our implore

But the day is not too far

When nomenclatures of all creatures will no longer promote in galore

Birds, Bees and all forms of life

Will no longer exists with their traditional jive and delectable vibe!

Birds’ parliament thus concluded with no resolution

Alas! What will happen to Earth in future is utter a mysterious apprehension

No jubilation, no appreciation, no complement to each other

Arid texture of Earth will perhaps become devoid of music

And symphony of life in near future!

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