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Sister You Are One Of A Kind

Sister You Are One Of A Kind

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My sister, you were like a mother to all,

Catching us when we were about to fall,

Always around when we needed you,

You used to tell us, always what to do what not to do.

In your presence, we did not miss our mother,

We felt you were our mother and also our father,

You sacrificed your dreams so that we could dream.

You said we should always work as a team.

You taught us lessons on everyday life,

That taught us to deal with everyday strife.

At every point in our paths, you showed us our way.

Taught us to learn the value of life every single day,

Now the time has elapsed you are staying alone,

We come to visit festivals or most of the time, we now talk on the phone.

But one day in a year, you insist that all your brothers' come.

You don't listen to any excuses, out of respect for you, we visit home.

For this festival is the one, where you tie rakhi on your brother,

Symbolizing a relationship, where we always will be together,

You will always remain a part of our collective mind,

For my dear sister, you are one of a kind.

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