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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Mansi Chaturvedi



Mansi Chaturvedi


Shades Of Life

Shades Of Life

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I have seen the twilight

When the shades of the sky melt down

When the glitter of the night 

Stands out, with so many twinkling stars.

I have seen the rise of the sun

When the dark starts turning blue

The shades back to brighten 

The day just for me and you.

I have seen the eyes just open

A little stretch in the bed 

The need to laze around a little more 

When the sun is bright on our head.

I have seen you rush out the day

You start which seems never to end.

When all you think is needed

Is time to stop and rest.

I see you drag yourself back home

With a load of tasks to do

I have seen how you try to balance of

What life brings up to you.

The shades come back again

The night, does come back

It seems the day has just extended

When you have no time to unpack.

I have seen the colors change

Some days darker than the rest

I have seen the sudden outburst 

The rain that your eyes do shed.

I have seen the shades again 

Brighter than ever before

I have seen you did bounce back

Never giving up anymore.

I have seen the ups and downs

You too must have seen like me

Remember every night does end

To bring the sun up,

Once more for you and me.

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