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The Scotch-Irish Viking

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

Abstract Inspirational Others

Set My People Free

Set My People Free

2 mins 176 2 mins 176

There's something I want to

talk about...

Who am I kidding, I have

to rhyme.

I want to go on a walk about,

and try to reset my mind.

Stuck in a rut, It's getting

harder to steer.

The salt in my cut,

My bad luck made clear.

Who gives a fuck, we know

our ending is near.

The mire and muck is the

effect of our fear.

Just like the theatre that

went up in flames.

Echoes of things said

is all that remains.

Look at all the walking dead,

Their bloodlust sustains.

Took a shot straight to the head,

damaging their brains.

I'm tired of people telling me,

How to think, who's to say

how to feel.

The lies that they been sellin'

me. The letters in ink

are not even real.

I'm spied on by an enemy,

that I never waged war with,

to whom I appeal.

'Pharoah, set my people free!'

'Dont Tread On Me',

I bear His seal.

There's some kind of haunting

cloud of doubt.

Permeating into the heart of


Keeping me in when I want out.

God only knows what I'll find.

A buck for some smut,

your paycheck for pleasure.

A shot in the butt, Gee, I hope

you feel better.

Who gives a fuck, we're all

stuck in bad weather.

I'm moving my rook,

To this game, we are tethered.

Where are the teachers,

who preaches, who trains?

Too many creatures,

that feed on disdain.

Get on with the feature or

I'm gonna complain.

I paid for this seat,

but it's causing back pain.

I'm sick of people judging me,

This hypocrisy is always the

same old spiel.

Their disguises are all the same

to me. Two fingers for peace,

one ready to kill.

I've tried to face my enemy.

The weight of the world, trying

to get me to kneel.

Terror. Let my people be.

Set my people free!

Our Prophecy is real.

Your error, is when you

Tread On Me.

Set my People Free!

We bear His seal.

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