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Shijil Paleri

Romance Inspirational


Shijil Paleri

Romance Inspirational

Sailing Life

Sailing Life

1 min 219 1 min 219

Oceans that I sail

Lovely hearts, we hail

Cute bond of innocence

Child in both, an essence

Strength handshakes beauty

Boundless love with the cutie

The whole world stood behind

Melting hearts and two worlds combined

Hands together and head bowed 

Blessing and well-wished hoved

Standing high, with your hands on mine

It's a feeling and together we shine

Hands of mine on yours, a promise

Together in all moments, we rise

Shelter and shade we both,

World witnessing, we took that oath.

It Will always be the shelter you find

There's nothing to hide

Love is all, that I have to give

Love is all, you need to receive

A lot more hills to cross

Strong and stronger bonds to toss

Love and passion to hail

Lot more oceans to sail

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