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Ujjwal pranami



Ujjwal pranami


Remember Me

Remember Me

1 min

One thing I really want to tell you 

Before I begin to fade away

Before I begin to slip through this reality

I loved you

And I love you so much

That I can't even imagine

That I have been

My purest form just for you.

It all started with unexpectedly

I found you

The things which attract me to you 

Really it was nothing

Nothing at all

That's why I was always seeking for the cause 

Why I started to fell for you

The beats of my heart

Started to rage, it started to 

The alluring, slender 

The face of yours just looks 

Perfect, no matter how much I gaze

My little life got 

The precious and the mightiest gift of the universe


All because of you.

I am sure that I

Couldn't forgive myself

For not being selfish about you

But I feel being with you 

Is the most valuable asset to me

Sorry for the loss.

Love you.

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