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Ujjwal pranami

Drama Romance


Ujjwal pranami

Drama Romance

My Sky Full of You

My Sky Full of You

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I adore you so much

Wanna share all my shine

Never let you cry

Make feel you fine

Accept you as you are

Kiss you, hug you 

Care you, give you 

What you want

I'll let go my warmth 

Just to break the cold

Just to feel your 

smile and a happy threshold

If I am destined to be 

The moon 

in someone life

But I will 

Make shine your world

Even more bright 

With my every light

Even if my sky is full of dark

I'll make your bright

No matter,

what it takes 

Just wanna see you all right

Beat me, hate me

Whatever you want

Always Pull yourself together

This is all I want

Please let me be your side

At your every hard time

Never let you feel alone 

It's my promise to me

To keep you mine

Be my northern star

guide me through the every far

My pain, scar, bruise

Wana heal my every scar 

Under the impression for your soul

Wanna live with you until

I'll be a star

Your my strength, my hope

You are the cause 

I' m became humble and kind

You have my favorite hello 

And my hardest good bye

My whole world lights up

When I make you smile

Thanks to being here

Make me a part 

Of your daily life

Love the way you tease 

And make me cry

That's why 

I fancy you so much.

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