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Manoj GS



Manoj GS




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Life is not fair, everyone is in some pain

The evil doesn't play a fair game


Some are born with a unique talent

Which helps them going without any lament


God is just watching everyone play

That is all he can do helpless and locked up

Man has turned him into stone as black as his soul

I am still searching for my calling so I too can keep going

But all I can find is people smiling who are downtrodden and have nothing

I am asking is this my motivation

After a long wait, I realize I am talking to stone and not to my soul


Every day I wake up confused and lost

It took me half a century to realize I had made my own choice

I had everything that I ever wanted in my life

Not all can own up and accept this fact

But I lost it as I couldn't hold on to it all


I am now weak with ego and regret

With difficulty, I induce sleep and try not to wake up

In my dreams, I am my own enemy standing alone in the battlefield

When I do wake up in the morning I think I am becoming a little strong

How I wish I can foresee my path

That will one day lead me to my salvation

I am a human being after all

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