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Amanpreet Singh



Amanpreet Singh


Real Feelings Unleashed!

Real Feelings Unleashed!

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I know the study is important, career is the most,

Every wise saying gets roasted when she becomes my host.

Books seem heavy and full of waste,

When I relish her lovely conversation’s taste.

What do I do with Akbar and Alexander,

When after cramming all dates, I feel myself like a gander.

History is full of dates and names,

I don't think after cramming them, I will get any fame.

Science is the subject that I can never understand,

My science teacher doesn't have any feelings and he hates music bands.

Maths is very tough and confusing,

After seeing a sum, I often go on musing.

I don't know why elders hate our girlfriends,

Without them, our life is just the dead end.

I know books are useful but feelings are too,

It is only the bad thoughts and deeds that we must shoo.

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