Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Poverty, Charity.....et al!!!

Poverty, Charity.....et al!!!

4 mins

And then they went to MG Road to raise a toast to their “intellectual discourse and action plan towards poverty eradication”

And fondly they spoke of that beautiful place and how such swanky places will make this country a forerunner for top slot…

Shouldn’t the expats feel at home if they were to come here to offer charity

And then they ordered the finest whiskey and some wine… after all, this was a watershed event in the history of that poor country

And someone told them that MG meant Mahatma Gandhi… But hey, wouldn’t he too approve of alcohol if he were to be reborn in this era.. someone, of course, could prophesy..

Facebook was updated….. and liked

And then they ordered meat… piquant and savory… but they were not butchers you see… instead they had an eclectic and heightened sense of food… so distinct from other mortals

Food was served… with diet coke.. you must watch your calories.. everyone echoed… and of course meal had a perfect ending of platters of heavenly creamy desserts

Oh you must finish this .. each one said to another as they all left plates full with cooked food… Food scarcity was argued.. They found politics and corruption to be the cause

And the Indian gentleman – First Among the Equals – spoke with passion and derision… how corruption is a menace..

And soon he shared how messy the rules of this cattle class democracy are… and how intelligently he works around them

And then they spoke of peace and non-violence… they were all so knowledgeable.. each one brought forth so many anecdotes that no one else knew or could make a sense of

And then there were awards for “Social Development”.. awards will “be a positive force for action”.. they justified ..and quoted Obama and Nobel

Everyone tweeted… and retweeted..

So many great things we did.. we need a brochure made of this… Oh! 3D printing is the best.. someone very creative said.. others lauded

“Let’s put a hungry child’s face that pops out..” “so innovative..” “it will get us so many donors…” “Oh, we could add some weeping sound too…”

No.. that’s gross disrespect to the children of the world.. a bright socialist retorted and spoke of an egalitarian society as she angrily waived at the waiter

And yes.. print just as many required.. paper is so precious..

A lady explained how she supports afforestation by growing orchids and money plant on her roof…while she drew a fist full of tissue papers to wipe the drool…

Done.. one with a leadership potential said.. and fixing a date delegated the work to someone who could market it well.. as they all walked out

Oh, I will gladly.. she said taking a puff from a Cuban Cigar. “I must wear that set of ethnic Indian jewellery when I go to meet the donors….” she planned ahead

She recalled…her kin had suggested…this dress is not suitable for social work…let me get you an Italian designer who is best with Indian ethnic dresses..

Whatsapp turned live with texts and images..

And then they reflected and contemplated on important issues…” social enterprise”…” poverty”…” austerity”…” working for marginalized”…”education and health”

And as they seriously brainstormed…someone would argue, “but then according to Oxford definition…” while some other would passionately respond…” but the Harvard review statistics do not…”

And then there was this young man… who owned a large estate…he talked of Indian pride…and how West plundered our wealth and that we must give that s**t back

He so eloquently spoke of Indian culture.. and how it embodies the best virtues.. as they all hurriedly crossed the roundabout with statues of Phule, Ambedkar and Roy

And then they exchanged cards… Networking is key to unity and teamwork… You must work together… towards this noble cause… shouldn’t you?

It was time for hugging and clicking… cameras and flashlights went on.. “oh my god”…” so sweet”.. “this is incredible”…some screamed

Some others spoke in languages that yet others had to google up and reply as they bid goodbye to each other

Photos were uploaded… and shared…

Superlatives of affection from their friends started flying around… “Beautiful”..”Oh, I am jealous”..” Grand”.. Some thought this a passe and used symbols.. Rolled lips and hearts.. and waiving hands…

The blips on their gadgets and thunder of their vehicles rattled through the nearby slums.. went past the fields and the remote hamlets… and ebbed…

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